Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vote Tues., March 1 in Burlington

Okay, perhaps that's a bit extreme. But there are some important items on the ballot. Here's where I stand:

Vote Yes on #5 (Majority Vote for Mayor): One of the bedrock principles of a democarcy is that you need at least half the votes to be elected. Don't settle for a 40% "victory." Demand the winner get 50% of the vote, and help ensure the mayor is accountable to more than half the voters. People who hate IRV and people who love IRV support this move. Please join me and virtually all Democratic and Progressive leaders in this city in voting Yes.

Vote Yes on Schools. Just because times are tough doesn't mean that our kids (and our future) should have to pay the costs. Burlington schools are excellent. Let's keep them that way.

Vote Yes for Affordable Housing. Vote Yes on #8 to protect at-risk Vermonters.

Vote Yes for Burlington Electric's bonds. They're supporting our city and renewable energy. They have a great track record of keeping costs low while supporting the environment.

Vote here. Find your polling place:


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